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Andre TAN

Andre Tan is the most famous Ukrainian fashion designer with the biggest retailer net in Ukraine. As of October 2018 Andre Tan company has 50 shops. Andre Tan company produces clothes for women (including Plus Size and Luxury Atelier Line), for men, for kids and accessories. The main logo of the company – “Designer clothing for affordable price”. Andre Tan clothes are high-quality clothes that look good and also are made of natural fibre. They are manufactured without causing damage to the environment

Ajour Logo


CIE LLC UNIVERSAL was founded in 1997 as import-export company and became official exporter and distributor in Ukraine of such trade marks as “Unilever”, “Maspex” and “Tchibo. In 2004 was founded new company division – manufacturing facilities of lingerie and underwear, and initiated manufacturing of our own high-end lingerie brand AJOUR that will be focused on peculiarities of women bodies. AJOUR – is not only the lingerie brand. This is the trademark that covers also fashion swimwear, loungewear. Due to the latest worldwide situation, we also manufacture fashion protective facemasks. The company maintains high standards of quality, and cares about the environment. All collections are sewn on world-class machinery from Oeco -Tex certified materials. We source materials from Europe, China, Hon Kong and Japan. From the very beginning, the main criteria we have for our product is perfect quality and comfort.

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Berserk Sport

The company "BERSERK SPORT" is a manufacturer of modern high-quality sportswear and equipment for mixed martial arts, fitness, bodybuilding and other sports with its own production facilities. Our main task is to create such clothes that will allow achieving the maximum result, regardless of the type of chosen activity. Clothes, which will contribute to the formation of motivation for development and sports training by means of unique, high-quality and functional things under the TM "BERSERK SPORT" brand


GA.EVA brand was founded by twin sisters - designer Karina Gaeva and artist Alina Gaeva in 2017. The brand GA.EVA is a niche designer clothes with author's prints. The main principles of the brand are deconstructivism and unisex. Clothing is mainly black or natural shades


Our company was initially founded in Ukraine and quickly became a leading online seller of clothing for children from 0 to 14 years in Ukraine. Now we have an office and a warehouse in Poland to provide our clothing to partners in EU. We design and manufacture our own line clothes for children. As primarily an e-commerce company we create all content you might need to sale our clothes online, including discriptions in different languages, photos for catalogues and social media


ITA DREAM LLC is a Ukrainian manufacturer of a wide range of water-repellent tablecloths and napkins for hotels, restaurants, and domestic use. The company also design and produce chefs and waiters uniforms

Jean Gritsfeldt

Jean Gritsfeldt is one of the fastest growing and most popular Ukrainian fashion brands. It focuses mainly on manufacturing womenswear and menswear, shoes and accessories (pret-a-porter as well as casual wear)



Jenadin is a Ukrainian manufacturer of unique seamless garments made of high-quality natural yarns. All products are knitted on the 14th gauge German equipment (STOLL). The creating process of our clothes is innovative and complex, and that is why our products are equates to clothing created by hand


Laceland – brand of handmade lingerie in Ukraine. We make the lingerie using European materials and accessories of high-quality. Our mission is to help every woman feel confident and feminine

Lobortas Classic Jewelry House

The latest developments and inventions are the fundamental principle and exceptional priority of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House, which organically combines a creative laboratory and a design bureau. The House sells its own creative projects, and carries out intellectual and technological works in the field of jewelry and arts and crafts on a by-order basis. The House’s team has developed hundreds of inventions, decorative and jewelry techniques, engineering and creative solutions that comprehensively show a new approach to creating jewelry items of any complexity: from the simplest and most accessible, to art objects of high artistic, philosophical and sociocultural value. The House owns a number of unique international patents that are highly regarded by experts

Mriya Ye

“Mriya Ye Garment Production" LLC was established in 1998 as a medium-sized garment production in the central part of Ukraine. For more than 20 years of experience, the company has produced a wide range of women's and men's clothing, uniforms for staff of different complexity. The company offers full service to its customers: from the fabrics purchasing, garment manufacturing to packaging and delivery of the finished product


OLTEKS is a leading Ukrainian garment manufacturer since 1999. Company specialized in manufacturing of women’s and men’s outerwear. About 20 years our factories produce quality wool coats and jackets for European high-end brands. Our own production capacities: two garment factories which is 100 and 130 km from Kyiv with a total of 325 employees. 292 persons (90% of all employees) are women


ORIGA is a well-known company of women’s outerwear manufactured in Ukraine. A wide range of trendy models, reasonable prices, a pre-ordering system, fast order processing and timely delivery – all these enable us to successfully cooperate with customers all year round. We strive to serve every customer

Petro Soroka

Trademark “Petro Soroka” its creating, production and realization of designer women's clothing. The clothing by “Petro Soroka” is in smart casual style, in "C" and "C +" price ranges: dresses, jackets, pants, skirts, blouses, tunics, cardigans

Piccolo / Motyv

Manufacturer of children's clothing and modern embroideries for the whole family. We present two TM brands of baby clothes "Piccolo". Our design are stylish, high quality, convenience, versatility and acceptable price

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The Ukrainian brand RITO began celebrating modern and unique designer knitwear over 25 years ago. We have established a reputation for creating innovative shapes, original patterns, and jacquards, for using color, original details, and cuts, and for providing quality construction


Family sewing company. The main business is tailoring shirts under its own brand – "Samets". Also sewing shirts for restaurant and hotel chains. Additionally we carry out works for private labels

soho chic logo


SOHO Chic - a brand of fashionable women's clothing for women who know that the style - it's not just about clothes! Inspired by a modern women, bright and active, every day we create clothes that would be appropriate anytime, anywhere, for any occasion and event. From elegant everyday looks to luxurious evening dresses, wearing SOHO Chic cloths - you will always feel yourself stylish, confident and exquisite! Creating our collections, we use only exclusive natural fabrics that will appreciate even the most worldly fashionista. Evaluate the benefits of lifestyle by SOHO Chic


Sonya Monina is a clothes designer, lady with a male character. Because of this feature she is feeling men, their needs and mood. She creates nice and constructive clothes. Each piece characterized with modern life activities and border between present and future. World, Space and life in the different systems is found in the designer’s style. SONYA MONINA thinks that you have to be yourself, feel the World and keep up with the modern time. The first impression is clothes what we are wearing

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