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We take pride of our excellent reputation as a producer of high quality shoes being sold at low price and a constant innovator. Our main goal is to satisfy needs of our clients better than others. The main differences and advantages of our products are their high quality, wear resistance, low market price, and innovations. Due to usage of only primary raw materials for producing a sole, Company’s goods are highly wear resistant. We are always finding ways to connect with shoes lovers and reacts immediately to all fashion changes


Kadar is one of the largest shoe manufacturing companies in Ukraine. Since the time of its founding in 1999 the company has achieved a significant success both in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Our core values are high quality products and a satisfied customer


The shoe factory KREDO produces shoes from the EVA polymer and from textile materials on the PVC sole, which is attached to the top of the footwear by direct casting. For the production of footwear, five large units are used, two of which are poured shoes from the material EVA. The other three are specializing in direct tall soles. The peculiarity of the casting method of fastening is that the process of fastening the bottom of the foot is combined with its formation. Such shoes do not have any mechanical mounting soles to the top of the shoes, be it nails or threads, nor chemical fasteners such as glue


LITMA is a modern footwear factory that produces essential shoes for everyday use. We produce for men, women and kids. All manufacturing units of the company are organized in a single factory, it means that the whole production process is kept in-house. This integration contributes to an effective control on footwear production and ensures high quality standards of the final product. Our team has a reach experience in injection PVC, TR, TPU/PU materials and qualitative handmade sewing of the upper parts


Today the company manufactures 200 pairs of footwear a day and over 10 thousands pairs in a season, using original design ideas and high-quality materials produced in Ukraine, Italy, Turkey and Poland. Many years of experience with foreign partners allow us to build the foreign trade activities of the brand properly and competently and guarantee the partners timely deliveries and quality of goods in accordance with European norms

Zirka Manufaktura / Miracle Me

We are kids shoes and clothing manufacturers from Ukraine with our own production facilities. We have our own shoes factory called Zirka Manufaktura, with production capability up to 16 000 pairs/month. We produce high quality products having also the possibility to be flexible in design fitting any demand of the market

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